About Us

Big Company Communications without Big Company Expense

That’s right. MessageDisk hosting gives you the power of Microsoft Exchange without the software cost, licensing fees and expensive equipment to buy and maintain.

With MessageDisk, for as little as $10 per month per employee, you and your employees can share email, appointment calendars, contacts, and, with public folders, documents of all sorts.

All that’s required is internet access. From any device, desktop computers, laptops, and PDAs, MessageDisk provides robust enterprise grade communications 24/7 at a price small businesses can easily afford.

Here’s How Easy It Is to Get Started

Click here to sign up and open your account. Within 24 hours you service will be established. The user friendly admin control panel allows you to instantly add, delete, or modify your service to suit your changing needs whenever necessary.

A partnership for better communications.

MessageDisk is a partnership between Jub Jub Interactive and Advanced Network Consulting, designed to provide state-of-the-art communications to small businesses. For more information, just give us a call at (714) 586-8600.