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How to Save Your MessageDisk Password

This document explains how to save your MessageDisk email password.

  1. Set up and verify your account in Outlook. (Make sure you click the Save Password checkbox when you log in to Outlook.
  2. Open Control Panel and open the User Accounts Application.
  3. Click on Advanced and then Manage Passwordssavepwd_003.png
  4. Highlight and click Properties:savepwd_005.png
  5. Change to * and enter your password.savepwd_007.png
  6. Click OK.
  7. When prompted to update the password on the domain select NO.savepwd_009.png
  8. Click OK.savepwd_011.png
  9. Click OK to exit out of the password utility.

Your system should now remember your Messagedisk email account password.



Last Updated on: Jan 25, 2008   (Permalink)

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